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What is it?
Perpetual Optimisation is where I share all of my business and personal learnings from the last 13 years of building several businesses, selling one of them

From 7 figure highs to anxiety and depression riddled lows. I share how I built a business, a remote workforce, got clear on my goals and gained a healthy mind, body and business by adhering to my true values.  (And learning to say "no" to the wrong type of work.)

I teach you directly how to achieve 1% progress every day. 1% might not sound like much, but compounded every day...
Who is it for?
Perpetual Optimisation™ is for people who have that voice in their head saying they need to be doing more and they want to do more - just not sure on where to start, or how to start. 

This is your roadmap for accountability and getting the work done.
How does it work?
Easily! Once you're a member, you will receive logins to our private online learning dashboard where you can begin straight away planning, executing and learning about your goals and future.  

Perpetual Optimisation comprises of an online learning centre, a private Facebook group, and once you qualify - access to my accountability program for no extra cost.
 Worried you won't take action?  I provide a money-back guarantee that you will take action. 
"We bought a business and then did not how to actively get clients. After working with Lachlan we had a steady flow of new enquiries and bookings EVERY DAY. We were then able to sell our business a year later for a profit!"
- Jackson and Shelley Photobooth for party hire
"We’ve been working with Lachlan on our digital strategy and campaigns. They’ve helped us deliver results beyond our targets and provide a truly great service throughout the whole process.
- Inanna Melin
What is Perpetual Optimisation?
From: Lachlan Still
To: Future 1% Daily Optimisers
Dear Stresshead,

I get it. Times are tough right now, and we are all feeling it. People who have worked for companies for over a decade are being laid off without a second thought, small businesses are being asked to work for free or very little, landlords are not reducing their rents and freelancers are being cut, banks are receiving billions of dollars from the Government and not passing that money on. 
The view from my first home office
As much as I’d like to be able to write a blank cheque for myself and have the Government pay it, the opposite is more than likely the truth for you, and I.

Hi there, I'm Lachlan Still, and I own a digital marketing agency called Liquidlabs and an online retailer, Truckin Jerky. Our jerky is also sold in Dan Murphy's, Caltex and hundreds of retailers around Australia. 

In 2019 I decided to actually "live" to our organisation's highest values, which meant canceling our office lease to become a truly remote workforce after years of running a successful business with local and international clients, using a mix of a permanent and remote workforce. 

I believe it’s time to live life on your terms. Get out of the back of your brain living in a scarcity mindset, time to stop relying on others for your income generation and gain the clarity required to take massive action.

First, you need to clear your mind of “what ifs” and shiny objects to chase. Going from elation to depression based on fear/excitement is a recipe for mental-disaster. (BiPolar - it’s the opposite of two poles that you fluctuate between).

How do you do that? You define exactly what your values are, what your goals linked to those values are and the timelines and horizons to achieve them.

And how do you get into the right frame of mind to do that work? You calm the brain. Breathing exercises coupled with exercise and a balanced intake of food and drink. Notice how I don’t say any specific diet or fad? Just a balanced intake. Like to drink? No worries. Like the odd bit of take away? No worries. Drink Alcohol and take away all day, every day? Not good. 

Just like eating nothing but broccoli and bananas whilst drinking spirulina and spinach smoothies all day is also not enjoyable, and not necessarily good for your guts either. 

These are the building blocks to becoming a 1%-er. I’m not talking a motorcycle club 1%-er either (unless that’s adhering to your highest values), but moving 1% every day towards your key objectives. There’s no point in doing anything unless you know what those key objectives are. 

I’ve seen the fittest of the FIT - educated and brilliant personal trainers - not be able to earn more than $35,000 a year and have to rely on cheap, unreliable clients. Why? Because the only area of their life they focused on was health and fitness. 

You can be the best fitter and turner on the planet, the best personal trainer, the best engineer, the best bookkeeper or social media manager, but if you don’t know how to balance your books, do effective marketing to gain new clients consistently and charge what you’re worth, you’ll end up being resentful to your clients for not paying enough, not have the right cash flow because you aren’t invoicing and collecting money on time, and your taxes will be a shit-show because you haven’t separated your GST, expenses, overheads or paid yourself first. 

So, why am I telling you all of this? Well after learning all of the above the hard way and having multiple requests from clients to train themselves, their staff and their friends, I have created an online training program called “Perpetual Optimisation". In this program I teach entrepreneurs, small business owners, and like-minded people to strengthen their mind and double down on their sales and marketing skills so they can have a successful and growing business. 

This is the only place I'm sharing an insider, no holds barred look at how I built my company from Zero to 7-Figures in 12 months. I cover off everything from Marketing, Sales, Branding, Operations and Finance, to Delivery, Mindset, Physical Health and everything else you could want to know about how to attain fulfilment in your daily life. 
Who this WON'T work for...
Before you go any further, it needs to be said: I can't stand people who buy something, don't use it, and then refund or cause drama. 

So, with that being said the Perpetual Optimisation membership is not for you if:
  • This is not for people who are comfortable where they are and have no desire to change.
  • This is not for people looking to get rich quick.
  • If you are the type of person who finds a problem for every solution, this is not for you.
  • ​If you are not looking to break the mould and build yourself up, this is not for you!
Here's my promise to you...
One of my personal goals is to help people who are in, or have been in, similar situations to myself. I want to show them that there is a path through to the other side, be it for mental, physical or spiritual health, or business and marketing. 

I am energised by this, and wake up inspired to do it. 

The content in Perpetual Optimisation is so incomprehensibly underpriced, seeing as companies paid my agency 5 figures per month just to attain the marketing aspect!

This program drills down into sales, finance, operations, hiring and managing a remote team, mental and physical health modules, and much more.

So in all honesty, I don't want you as a member if you don't find the program valuable.
That means that if you login and think you've been ripped off, I will give you a:
100% Money Back Guarantee!
Ready to start? Don't let this opportunity pass you by...

✅ You have ZERO RISK in the deal
✅ You'll gain ENORMOUS VALUE and REWARD from the deal
✅ This is a STRATEGIC and PRAGMATIC resource
✅ Ours is not a generic FACEBOOK group over run with people and no direction
✅ Cancel at ANY TIME
✅ 100% Money Back Guarantee
✅ Pricing is in $AUD

Click the button below to get a 7 day free trial and immediate access to my most popular modules ever created 👇
Thanks for your time and hoping to see you on the dashboard and in the group soon!

Lachlan Still
P.S. Let me summarise the deal
On this webpage is a chance to join our Perpetual Optimisation program for just $90 AUD a month.

It's one of the most comprehensive, yet affordable Mastermind groups available. And as a subscriber, here's what you get:

- Access to our Private Group with myself and my qualified team members. This is where you'll be able to network and learn from others, plus ask questions and get support on the modules

- Access to your own Private Mastermind Dashboard, where I post my very best content (new uploads occur every month). This high level content is designed to help you gain clarity, improve your daily existence and build a business and marketing campaigns like some of the biggest and best companies in the world. I do this via HD video training, downloadable tools, custom-made worksheets, challenges and bespoke assignments. 

- Access to our Live Monthly Workshop, where I present a private learning session, answer all your questions in real time, reward top performing masters with coaching sessions and set new challenges for the month.

- Access to The Monthly "1% Optimisation Cheat Code". Each month, we have a new theme and a new area of life to help your grow. From building an online business, to finding your purpose, growing a personal brand, managing your time, mastering relationships and planning your life... We leave no stone unturned.

You can cancel any time for any reason... 

So click the "Sign Up" button above to join before this opportunity passes you by!
How do you not enslave yourself to your business? 
Build a rock-solid remote workforce.
I teach you how to build and manage a remote team to help you run your business.
✅ How to stop trading time for money.
✅ How to stand out in a competitive marketplace.
✅ The three most powerful secrets to master the "work from anywhere" economy.
✅ Avoid being overwhelmed and underpaid.
✅ The fastest path to freedom and fulfilment.
Frequently Asked Questions

  What currency is Perpetual Optimisation priced in?

Australian Dollars (AUD)

  How much content is included?

A whole library of modules!

  What tools will I receive?

The Ass Kick Accountability App
The Goal Setting Spectacular Tool

  What tools will I receive?

Good question! You're right - this is way too much to give away for just $90 a month. The catch is that there will only ever be three modules on the dashboard at any one time.
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